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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We offer renowned garage door maintenance and repair services

We are the best garage door repair specialists and the testimonials of clients prove it

My overhead door works fine

It's been almost a year since I started working with your company and I think it's time to express my gratitude. I had some serious overhead door problems before I ever hired you and no other garage door company was ever able to solve them and for good. I thought this was natural since my door is old. When a friend recommended your garage door services, I was thrilled. Your technicians came to maintain the whole system and they told me that they had to repair many things but at the end of the day, the door was just like new. Thank you!

Fast bottom bracket repair service

When I called Garage Door Repair Burnsville to report a problem with the cable, they told me not to touch anything especially the bottom door bracket. The technician was in my house fast and indeed he told me that depending on how I explained the problem on the phone, he understood that there was a problem with the bottom bracket. He told me about the dangers of these garage door parts and then he had it replaced since it was seriously worn. It was a great service. I loved their tendency to keep me safe with their quick response and instructions.

Overhead door replacement by experts

Finally, the time to replace the existing garage door had come. We have been waiting for this moment for years and now we had the money to do it. The assistance of Garage Door Repair Burnsville was amazing! Not only did they help our family select a new garage door and told us about insulated doors and new openers, but they were also excellent during the actual garage door replacement service. They removed the old overhead garage door with attention and installed the new overhead with even greater attention. The service was truly exceptional and so was every single technician.

Changed the door hinges fast

We have swing garage doors and lately noticed that the door doesn't move very well. My husband, who has more experience with such things, noticed that the garage door hinges were pretty damaged and some were rusty. So, we called Garage Door Repair Burnsville and asked them to have the hinges changed. Can you believe that they replaced them later that same day? They also brought the new hinges themselves, and the amazing thing was that once the service was completed they made sure it was adjusted fine. Very professional garage door repair company!

Experts in glass garage doors

We were looking for new glass garage doors. We always dreamt of getting glass doors and were saving money for years. It was only natural that we didn't want to make mistakes. We wanted to pick the right one and to be honest we had the best assistance from Burnsville Garage Door Repair. We didn't just like that they helped us find a new door but also that they paid attention to our desires and respected the fact that we were saving for long. We also loved that the installation of our new glass garage door was done with precision and on time.

These guys know their work

After many years of opening and closing my garage myself, I decided I really wanted an electric opener installed. After scouring the internet I eventually found Garage Door Repair in Burnsville who gave me the most reasonable quote I could find, and so I went with them. First, they helped me choose the system that was right for me, explaining the pros and cons of each of my choices. Eventually I went with a Genie system and they got to work installing it. The whole process was painless and efficient. They are a fantastic company indeed.


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