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Reducing Garage Door Noise

Reducing Garage Door Noise
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You press the button of the remote control, the opener starts running, and you hear awful noises which are both annoying and frightening. Everyone in your family is unhappy and so are the neighbors. How do you resolve this issue? Apply the following measures for best results:

Focus on Metal-made Garage Door Parts

Reducing Garage Door NoiseThe source of the noise is the friction created in places where there's a moving metal component. Given this, you have to start by checking all sections of the system where friction occurs. Simply put, you have to inspect the moving metal parts.

Start by checking the torsion spring for wearing, damage and deformation. If it is greatly worn, it is better for it to be replaced before it breaks. Move on to the rollers after this. They usually make popping sounds when they are worn. Inspect both the wheels and the stems. If they have to be replaced, you should consider new ones that have nylon wheels. The wheels are quieter compared to their metal counterparts and do not require lubrication.

Check the garage door hinges and brackets as well. Watch out for loosening, damage and wearing. When you look at the brackets holding the rollers, you should pay attention to the shape of the cylinder housing the stems. If it is oval rather than round, the whole component has to be replaced.

Even moving metal parts in perfect condition can be squeaky if they are not properly lubricated. Start by cleaning them. Then apply a lubricant approved by the door's manufacturer. If you have a chain drive opener or a device using a screw drive, the chain or screw has to be lubricated as well. In this case, you can use a lubricant which has been specially formulated for the purpose. Remember that annual lubrication will keep the overhead door quiet at all times.

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