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Why Your Emergency Release Cable Could Betray You

Why Your Emergency Release Cable Could Betray You
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Garage security blunders

Why Your Emergency Release Cable Could Betray YouMost home owners wouldn’t pay much attention to that orange cable that dangles overhead. But, that’s exactly what a burglar is searching for. In a practice called fishing, burglars jack up garage doors just enough to hook that emergency release cord and pull it. It’s important to note that not every garage door company or manufacturer utilizes the same security system. However, it’s important to understand the security flaws behind any door. A good idea is to enlist an expert to point out all the weak spots of your garage and go from there.

Safety steps to take

If you’re not too keen on hiring an analyst to break into your own home, here are some quick tips that can improve your garage. The first objective is to either hide or remove the emergency release cord if you don’t plan to be around. Your second objective is to change the locks. Most locks sold on the market are useless. A good rule of thumb is to make sure a locksmith has a hard time defeating the lock before you decide to use it. Too often are locks touted as impenetrable only to have someone compromise them within seconds. The third thing you can do is beef up your alarm system. There are plenty of wireless systems available that will chirp the moment unauthorized entry is made into your home. Your emergency release cable may inadvertently compromise your safety but there are ways to protect your loved ones from burglary.

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