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Get the Right Insulated Garage Door

Get the Right Insulated Garage Door
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The first question, which pops to mind when people are thinking to replace the existing garage door, is whether to invest in insulated ones or not. So, let's deal with this issue first. Insulated doors might cost more but they pay back very soon. With today's amazing technological achievements, insulation materials are advanced and so is the procedure of embedding them among door panels. So, as far as quality is concerned, you will be covered. In practice, what interests you more is to know that you will have great difference in the internal temperatures.

Your garage won't be an uncomfortable place any longer either due to increased heat or cold. Insulated garage doors work equally well for all weather conditions since they prevent outside temperatures from getting inside. So, if you are using air conditioning, for example, to cool down the area, you won't lose energy. The temperatures will remain to your satisfaction, the thermostat will shut the supply of cool air sooner and, thus, your bills are lowered.

Choose the perfect energy efficient door

Garage Door Replacement - Installation 24/7 ServicesManufacturers use polystyrene or polyurethane insulation materials. They are both great solutions but it will also depend on your needs. The good thing with polyurethane is that it spreads evenly and nicely all over the surface of the panel. It becomes one with the skin of the door and reasonably its effects are greater. It also offers higher r-value whereas polystyrene materials will only give you approximately up to 12 r-value and won't spread as nicely among the panels. In fact, your overhead door might be even thicker with polystyrene and in this case you will need to check whether it is heavier. If it weighs more, you must make sure the right garage door springs are chosen.

One other thing you must watch out for is the actual energy efficiency the new door provides you. When you choose R-value, it is good to remember that number 8 might not be sufficient but number 16 won't give you double energy efficiency than 8. Since, good insulation is achieved when all gaps are well sealed, don't forget to install good quality weather seals, and make sure all garage door parts (including windows) are installed properly.

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